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PATACS - Arlington
Wednesday, June 7th, 2023, 7 PM

Meeting Location: Carlin Hall Community Center,
5711 S. 4th Street, Arlington, VA 22204
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The program planners for our First Wednesday PATACS meetings in Arlington are looking for topics that members would like to have explored or questions answered - this is your opportunity to have a say in topics addressed at this meeting. This is a smaller meeting than the Fairfax meeting, and it allows for much more interaction between members than is possible in Fairfax. And there's the post-meeting Pizza and Salad SIG, the post-meeting social at a nearby restaurant - another value-added feature of your membership! Please send your suggestions to our meeting program planners at arlmtgpgm@patacs.org.

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OPCUG / PATACS / WAP Joint Meeting,
Saturday, June 17th, 1 PM  3rd Saturday

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Amateur Radio Ballooning
Presented by
Martin Rothfield W6MRR

Martin will discuss amateur radio High Altitude Balloons (HABs) and pico balloons. The two types are different in construction, flight characteristics and duration. The HABs are made from latex and rise until burst at very high altitude. After a HAB bursts, a parachute is used to safely recover the payload. Pico balloons are made of plastic and do not stretch. They float at a lower altitude for very long duration flights. Because HABs can carry significant weight and travel for a short time, they are typically battery powered. Because of weight constraints and long duration to cold, pico balloons can't use batteries. Worldwide GPS position reporting is done with several standard amateur radio systems. The National Weather Service (NWS) launches a large number of radiosondes to collect weather data. Chasing after the radiosondes is a hobby as well. The NWS tracks our pico balloons to verify their predictions. Amateur radio ballooning is a great way to learn about the atmosphere and to experiment with new technologies. It is also a lot of fun!

Martin Rothfield W6MRR got his FCC amateur extra radio license in 2010 to participate in Make: Magazine's "Hackerspaces in Space" competition with HacDC. HacDC lost but he continued launching countless high altitude and pico balloons with a number of organizations. Payloads have included many cameras, a crossband repeater, a Geiger counter, environmental and biological sampling devices. He got started in the industry designing chips for signal processors and has worked in satellite, meteor burst, avionics and secure communications. W6MRR received EE degrees from University of Maryland and Tufts.

What's New with Tech?

Presented by Rob Pegoraro


Rob will bring us up-to-date with the latest in the technology realm, from attending trade shows, exhibitions, equipment introductions and journalism assignments across the nation and around the world.

Rob Pegararo was the Washington Post's Personal Tech columnist from 1999 to 2011, and now freelances for a variety of publications, web sites, and other on-line media.

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July 15th - Lorrin Garson: Scientists are Human

Date TBA: John Krout - Introduction to Digital Tables

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PC Troubleshooting

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OPCUG Members Welcome!

PATACS - Arlington,
4th Wednesday, June 26th, 7 PM
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Meeting Location: Carlin Hall Community Center,
5711 S. 4th Street, Arlington, VA 22204

Technology & PC Help Desk:
Extended Q&A

Do all your electronics, gadgets, computers, phones, tablets, TV sets, networks, earbuds, and software apps/applications work perfectly? Do you never encounter glitches, freezes, failures? Are you always certain what brand and model product to buy? If so, we'd like to hear about your magic touch.

But if you're like the rest of us, none of that is true for you. And so PATACS' first Wednesday meetings may be just the resource you need for a happier technology life. Just as most PATACS meetings begin with a Q&A session, so does this meeting. But then the meeting continues for nothing but Q&A -- meaning that it's possible to have detailed and in-depth discussions, including real-time research and demonstrations.

Same as all PATACS meetings, these sessions are free and open to the public. So join in, share your questions, problems, and pain -- and perhaps receive answers, solutions, and relief.

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Computer Mechanic

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