Attendance Requirements for
Fairfax Meetings - Covid Precautions

Information for Computer Club Participants (OPCUG / PATACS)
Revised 07/13/2022

Or, Scan the QR code to do the health check:

In-Person Attendees at Fairfax Must Register Their Vaxx Records Via the Link Below:

OLLI Mason Vaccination Document Upload

OLLI Mason Health and Safety Info

In-Person Hybrid Sessions began on 11/20/21. OLLI rolled out a vaccination information recording process on 12/7/21. Using the link above, an entry will be recorded by name, so that you'll be able to attend future club meeetings and OLLI classes and events now planned for the Spring '22 term, without additional Vaxx confirmation (unless GMU or OLLI requirements change).

The preferred Vaxx documentation is that issued by the Virginia Dept of Health for VA residents. Go thru the process described in this pdf document, and download and save the PDF file generated in that process so you can upload it to the OLLI Documentation upload page. This document is preferred, because the QR code can be scanned and verified as an official document.

You will be required to conform to the rules established by GMU and OLLI and attest to your agreement to conform with those rules, and what may be later established as conditions change.

Masks currently optional but encouraged.

In-Person Requirements for OLLI Classes and Activities
Including Computer Club Meetings
Your Affirmation To These and Future Additions Required

  • Full vaccination proof required; completion of GMU Daily Health Check optional, but encouraged.

  • Masks optional but encouraged in classroom, presenters may remove during their talk.

  • Attendance limited to 75 persons.
As of 07/13/22

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How to Share Your Screen for Zoom with an Android Device - PDF file

How to Share Your Screen Content for Zoom with an Apple iOS 15 Device - PDF File

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