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PATACS - Arlington
Wednesday, October 7th, 7 PM

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Internet Privacy, Security & Safety

Bob Gostischa
Staying Safe and Secure
Bob Gostischa


In today's "Online World," Safety, Security and Privacy need to be taken seriously. This presentation will aid in that mission. Using the right programs and apps can help keep you safe and secure as well as reduce your privacy exposure. Using free programs and apps whenever possible to accomplish this goal is an added bonus and this presentation includes information on many recommended free programs. Join presenter Bob Gostischa as he simplifies, clarifies, and demystifies your devices (gadgets or technology) so you have a safe, secure and enjoyable Internet experience. Some of the topics are: VPNs, Is it a safe link? Bluetooth, Ransomware, Phishing campaigns, Has your password been hacked? 8 essentials for secure computing, and 9 tips for your smartphone.

Norbert "Bob" Gostischa, after a successful career in banking, enjoys his retirement as an enthusiast IT security expert, most notably for Avast; the creator of Avast Antivirus software. The Avast website has a discussion and help forum where Bob has been helping with security-related and general computer issues since 2004. He has contributed over 40,000 forum interactions. Avast has been making security software for over 30 years and is currently the most used antivirus software in the world with more than 435 million users worldwide.

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The program planners for our First Wednesday PATACS meetings in Arlington are looking for topics that members would like to have explored or questions answered - this is your opportunity to have a say in topics addressed at this meeting. This is a smaller meeting than the Fairfax meeting, and it allows for much more interaction between members than is possible in Fairfax. And there's the post-meeting Pizza and Salad SIG, the post-meeting social at a nearby restaurant - another value-added feature of your membership! (SIG Suspended - pending Covid resolution) Please send your suggestions to our meeting program planners at arlmtgpgm@patacs.org.

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OPCUG / PATACS Joint Meeting,
Saturday, October 17th, 1 PM  3rd Saturday

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Chromebook Ports
Chromebooks: What, Why, and How
Presented by Tom Gutnick

Chromebooks are increasingly popular because they are simpler, safer computers. But simplicity doesn't mean sacrificing productivity. They handle typical activities — email, web surfing, word processing, spreadsheets, and so much more — with ease. This session will help you decide whether you should get one, and if so, you'll be able to make more-informed purchasing decisions.

Tom Gutnick — technologist, educator, musician — has worked in the computer industry for most of his adult life. As the owner of Sunny Banana IT Consulting, he helps small businesses and home offices use technology more effectively. He also teaches personal technology at Arlington Adult Education and information technology at Northern Virginia Community College.

Learn in 30

Alternative to Powerpoint?
Presented by Bill Walsh

Irfanview Logo Bill Walsh has found that doing presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint can be a bit tedious to assemble. Yes, while it would probably be of some benefit to read the PowerPoint instruction manual, it was nevertheless daunting to find that some features of PowerPoint were not very intuitive. Enter our favorite 'n' free picture/video viewer, Irfanview. Released by Irfan Škiljan in June, 1996, Irfanview is a very versatile image viewer, and it also turns out to be a very handy, easy to use presentation tool. It shows still images of many different formats, and also shows many video formats. What became a game changer for presentations is that Irfanview will show MP4 files. Last year I used Irfanview exclusively for my presentation on Surface Mount Technology. Using a mix of images and video files from SMT manufacturers, the presentation went well and was easy to assemble. To show things in sequence, a number was added at the beginning of each file, in the order to be presented. I will show some of the things I did to accomplish this, including setting the Irfanview options for the presentation. While Irfanview may not have as many fancy presentation capabilities as PowerPoint, it is nevertheless a potent presentation mechanism for the Average Joe (or Jane.)

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November 21 - Roopesh Ojha, PhD: 5G Wireless Networks - Strange Claims

December 12 - Major Christian Quinn: Fairfax County Police Department Technology

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PC Troubleshooting

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OPCUG Members Welcome!
PATACS - Arlington,
Wednesday, October 28th, 7 PM
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Technology & PC Help Desk:
Extended Q&A

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Computer Mechanic

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