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Meeting in Person and Via Zoom - See Above Banner
OPCUG Members Welcome!
PATACS - Arlington
Wednesday, Dec 7th, 7 PM

Meeting Location: Carlin Hall Community Center,
5711 S. 4th Street, Arlington, VA 22204
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Zoom New Logo
Zoom Client Settings

Presented by
Mike Emery

Learn about the wide range of options available for the Zoom user's client settings, to provide a better experience using this great tool for conferencing and meetings, learning experiences, and visiting with friends.

Mike Emery has been helping OLLI-GMU's members navigate the options of Zoom thru hundreds of Zoom sessions since March of 2020 and the challenges of the great Covid fuzzy pink slipper enforcement.

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The program planners for our First Wednesday PATACS meetings in Arlington are looking for topics that members would like to have explored or questions answered - this is your opportunity to have a say in topics addressed at this meeting. This is a smaller meeting than the Fairfax meeting, and it allows for much more interaction between members than is possible in Fairfax. And there's the post-meeting Pizza and Salad SIG, the post-meeting social at a nearby restaurant - another value-added feature of your membership! Please send your suggestions to our meeting program planners at arlmtgpgm@patacs.org.

Not a Member? Want to Attend Our Zoom Sessions?
Arlington Email: arlmtgs(at)patacs.org      Fairfax Email: ffxmtg(at)patacs.org

OPCUG / PATACS Joint Meeting,
Saturday December 10th, 1 PM  3rd Saturday

Meeting In-Person and Via Zoom - See Above Banner

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Tallwood, TA1
4210 Roberts Road, Fairfax, VA 22032-1028
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Agenda / Meeting Info

In Person Requirements - Covid Precautions
OLLI Health and Safety Protocols

Coffee, Soda and Individual Snack Packages will be available.

Data Backup  

Realtime Backups
of Live Video

Presented by John Krout

You have a camcorder. You have a laptop. Combine those with an inexpensive HDMI-to-USB adapter, and great things happen. Your camcorder is now a webcam, but far more versatile than any dedicated webcam. The camcorder auto-focus and face-finding feature keeps your subject in focus. The camcorder zoom lens enables your live audience to see distant action such as a soccer game or a graduation. You can use Zoom, YouTube, Twitch, or even the free VLC app to transmit that video. While recording on the camcorder, you can also record the same video on the laptop, a real-time backup. This presentation will show you how to accomplish all of that, and will include a demo.

John Krout is a frequent presenter at our meetings on a wide range of computer, technology and photography topics, and author of many articles for the PATACS Posts newsletter.

Learn in 30

Verizon MiFi JetPack
Verizon 8800 JetPack
MiFi Devices:
Who, What, Where,
When, and How

Presented by Mike Pafford

This ‘Learn in 30’ has Mike Pafford back again, to give us a ‘homework’ style rundown on MiFi Devices. Mike will use the tried and true, Who, What, Where, When, and How (including How Much) briefing format. Anyone who’s been looking for a way to ensure personal (and sharable) Internet access while on the go, will want to hear Mike’s talk-and ask any questions, as he’s on his 4th or 5th generation MiFi Device.

Mike Pafford is a retired Navy Cryptologic Officer, a retired systems engineer from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, and a retired JHU software systems engineering Instructor. Previously he’s given us talks about ‘Stick Computers’, ‘DJ Using Spotify’, and ‘Driving With My Wife From VA to CA and Back in her Tesla’.

Upcoming Learn in 30 Sessions:
This Is Your Chance!
10 - 15 Minute Talks Welcome
Presented by YOU!!
Contact director2 (at) patacs.org to arrange a presentation !!

Diagnostic Troubleshooting

PC Clinic in the Annex

Get hands-on help with your computer problems from PATACS experts. Bring in your computer, and we'll help you lose the 'blues' - system slowdowns, unwanted programs, virus and malware. We can help install new RAM, optical drives, hard disks, and software.
Be sure to read the Clinic Rules - click link below.

Clinic Rules

Computer Mechanic

Future Meeting Topics:

Presentation Volunteers Needed! Contact director2 (at) patacs.org

01/21/23 - Geof Goodrum: Coast to Coast in an EV
John Krout: Bluetooth and Pairing

Date TBA: John Krout - Introduction to Digital Tables

Not a Member? Want to Attend Our Zoom Sessions?
Arlington Email: arlmtgs(at)patacs.org      Fairfax Email: ffxmtg(at)patacs.org
PC Troubleshooting

Meeting In-Person & via Zoom - See Above Banner
OPCUG Members Welcome!

PATACS - Arlington,
4th Wednesday, December 28th, 7 PM
Zoom Details Will be Sent by Email

Meeting Location: Carlin Hall Community Center,
5711 S. 4th Street, Arlington, VA 22204

Technology & PC Help Desk:
Extended Q&A

Do all your electronics, gadgets, computers, phones, tablets, TV sets, networks, earbuds, and software apps/applications work perfectly? Do you never encounter glitches, freezes, failures? Are you always certain what brand and model product to buy? If so, we'd like to hear about your magic touch.

But if you're like the rest of us, none of that is true for you. And so PATACS' first-Wednesday meetings may be just the resource you need for a happier technology life. Just as most PATACS meetings begin with a Q&A session, so does this meeting. But then the meeting continues for nothing but Q&A -- meaning that it's possible to have detailed and in-depth discussions, including real-time research and demonstrations.

Same as all PATACS meetings, these sessions are free and open to the public. So join in, share your questions, problems, and pain -- and perhaps receive answers, solutions, and relief.

Arlington Meeting Info & Maps       
Computer Mechanic

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