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Details of Monthly Meetings

PATACS - Arlington

Wednesday, December 4th, 7 PM

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Meeting Location: Carlin Hall Community Center,
5711 S. 4th Street, Arlington, VA 22204
Zoom Session: https://zoom.us/j/894485185
Meeting ID: 894 485 185
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Arlington Meeting Info & Maps       


The program planners for our First Wednesday PATACS meetings in Arlington are looking for topics that members would like to have explored or questions answered - this is your opportunity to have a say in subjects addressed at this meeting. This is a smaller meeting than the Fairfax meeting, and it allows for much more interaction between members than is possible in Fairfax. And – there's the post-meeting Pizza and Salad SIG, the post-meeting social at a nearby restaurant - another value-added feature of your membership! Please send your suggestions to our meeting program planners at arlmtgpgm@patacs.org.

OPCUG / PATACS Joint Meeting,
Saturday, Nov 16th, 1 PM  3rd Saturday

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Tallwood, TA1
4210 Roberts Road, Fairfax, VA 22032-1028

Fairfax Meeting Info, Maps
Agenda / Meeting Info

Nov 16th, 12:45 PM https://zoom.us/j/519103813 or
Zoom Meeting ID: 519 103 813
Using Zoom

Murrow and Shirer

Murrow Boys
Brian Belanger - The Murrow Boys – News Broadcasting During WWII.

Radio news prior to WWII had not been featured prominently. Few newscasts were offered and the ones heard tended to be leisurely commentary on current events rather than “hard” news. That changed dramatically during the War. CBS hired Edward R. Murrow to arrange broadcasts from Europe. He hired young journalists such as Eric Sevareid, Charles Collingwood, and Larry LeSueur. The CBS evening news roundup would take listeners via shortwave radio from city to city to hear the latest developments. (“And, now we take you to London.”) This brought the war viscerally right into American living rooms. Listening to Ed Murrow’s live report standing on the roof of a building in London as bombs are falling around him is difficult to forget, likewise, his description of going along on a British Lancaster bomber on a night bombing run on Berlin. Murrow and three other journalists went with the planes that night and two of them did not return. This talk will describe Murrow and his colleagues and the way they reported the news. Audio clips such as the examples above will be played.

An electrical engineer, with a bachelor’s degree from Caltech and a Ph.D. from the University of Southern California, Brian’s first job out of grad school in 1968 was as a research engineer at the General Electric Research and Development Center, in a group concerned with applications of cryogenics and superconductivity to electric power technology. His next career move was to the Atomic Energy Commission where he served as branch chief for advanced underground power transmission, as well as project officer for cooperative research with the Soviet Union under the Nixon-Brezhnev US-USSR Energy Agreement. Brian came to the National Bureau of Standards (NBS) in 1977, and served in several management positions during his career there, including Chief of the Office of Measurement Services, Associate Director for Program Development of the Center for Electronics and Electrical Engineering, NBS Liaison to the Department of Defense, and Deputy Director of the Advanced Technology Program. He received Bronze and Silver Medals from the Commerce Department, and was a Commerce Science and Technology Fellow (1983-84). Since his retirement in 2000, Brian has been an active volunteer at the National Capital Radio & Television Museum. One of the museum’s founders, he served as its director for about a decade, and is currently the museum’s curator, a regular docent, and a co-editor of the Museum’s journal Dials and Channels. Brian received the 2001 Houck Award of the Antique Wireless Association for his dozens of articles about radio/TV history, and served as that organization’s vice president as well as editor of its peer-reviewed journal, The AWA Review. He is an extra class amateur radio operator, and currently serves on the board of directors of the Mid-Atlantic Antique Radio Club, and is a co-editor of their monthly journal, Radio Age.

Fall Celebration Lunch - 12:30 - 1:40 PM

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Future Meeting Topics:

December 14th - John Krout: OTG=On the Go: Adding USB Peripherals to Portable Devices;
PC Clinic

February 15th - John Krout: SmartPhone Configuration

March 21st - Brian Belanger: Television in the 1920's

April 18th - Lorrin Garson: History of Computers, How We Got Here, Part 1

May 16th - Lorrin Garson: History of Computers, How We Got Here, Part 2

PC Troubleshooting

PATACS - Arlington,
WednesdayNov 27th, 7 PM
Meeting Location: Carlin Hall Community Center,
5711 S. 4th Street, Arlington, VA 22204

Technology & PC Help Desk:
Extended Q&A

Arlington Meeting Info & Maps       
Computer Mechanic

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