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Details of Monthly Meetings

PATACS - Arlington

Wednesday, February 5th, 7 PM

Please Come Early & Help with Meeting Setup!

Meeting Location: Carlin Hall Community Center,
5711 S. 4th Street, Arlington, VA 22204
Zoom Session: https://zoom.us/j/894485185
Meeting ID: 894 485 185
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Windows 7 Alternatives

Windows 7 Sunset
Windows 7 Alternatives

Presented by Roger Fujii
and Jim Rhodes

Windows 7 extended support and consumer security updates ended on January 20, 2020. What alternatives do you have to make use of old hardware that still may have be serviceable in some role?

PATACS' Secretary Jim Rhodes is a frequent presenter at Arlington meetings, and served as the group's President for 17 years. PATACS' Treasurer Roger Fujii constantly saves our bacon by reviving ailing computers and other tech toys.

Arlington Meeting Info & Maps       


The program planners for our First Wednesday PATACS meetings in Arlington are looking for topics that members would like to have explored or questions answered - this is your opportunity to have a say in subjects addressed at this meeting. This is a smaller meeting than the Fairfax meeting, and it allows for much more interaction between members than is possible in Fairfax. And – there's the post-meeting Pizza and Salad SIG, the post-meeting social at a nearby restaurant - another value-added feature of your membership! Please send your suggestions to our meeting program planners at arlmtgpgm@patacs.org.

OPCUG / PATACS Joint Meeting,
Saturday, February 15th, 1 PM  3rd Saturday

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Tallwood, TA1
4210 Roberts Road, Fairfax, VA 22032-1028

Fairfax Meeting Info, Maps
Agenda / Meeting Info

Feb 15th, 12:45 PM https://zoom.us/j/519103813 or
Zoom Meeting ID: 519 103 813
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Stay Safe Online

Tech-Moxie Logo
Pam Holland - Staying Safe On Line:
A Rational Approach

As we conduct more of our personal lives online, from email to shopping to even banking, it is so important to understand the best practices for staying safe online. Join us for an informative discussion lead by Pam Holland of TechMoxie on how to recognize phishing (fraudulent) emails, avoid computer viruses and scams, and the best practices for passwords. The presentation will include a review of actual fraudulent emails and scam “pop up” computer virus warnings.

Through her work as a tech coach, Pam developed what she describes as a rational approach to online fraud risk after speaking and working with dozens of victims. Rather than focusing on all possible risks, she urges computer users to focus on factors that present the highest risk. With respect to protecting from online risk, Pam applies the 80/20 rule. In short, 80% of the risk comes from 20% of the possible causes. In other words, if we just address the top possible risks, we eliminate the most common ways people are victimized online.

TechMoxie is women-owned and operated by Pam Holland. After more than 20 years practicing law, Pam founded TechMoxie out of a love of technology and the passion for simplifying the complex. Having her own business has been a lifelong dream from age 8 when she started a door-to-door candle business selling what she made in the family kitchen. Pam loves helping people with their technology - there is nothing more satisfying than taking frustration out of someone’s life..

Learn in 30

Overcoming a Loose Charging Socket on a Cell Phone
Presented by John Krout

Charging Cable

Charging Cable Jack
This Learn in 30 presentation came about because, in the summer of 2019, John noticed his corporate iPhone 6s and its Lightning charging cable were not longer the best of buddies. One nudge of the phone or the cable, and the cable fell out of the charging socket on the phone. Attach the cable and then hold the phone upright, and the cable dropped out.

John will show you how to figure out of the phone or the cable is at fault. In John's case, it was the phone's socket for USB charging and USB data transfer. His first reaction was to have the phone replaced, but his company refused; in their opinion, the phone was not broken. The company told John he would be eligible for an upgrade in a year, six years after he was given the phone.

What other options are there to recharge the phone's battery? You will find out, and ultimately learn John's very inexpensive and low-tech solution.

John Krout is a former president of the Washington Area Computer User Group (WAC), one of two groups that merged to become the Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society (PATACS). He has been writing about personal computer uses since he joined WAC in the early 1980s. He is a frequent contributor to PATACS Posts, and occasionally provides presentations on tech issues at PATACS meetings. He lives in Arlington VA and is a writer for the Thales Group, a major maker of automated fingerprint identification hardware, supporting the use of that hardware in the computer system of a major federal government agency.

Upcoming Learn in 30 Sessions:
This Is Your Chance!
10 - 15 Minute Talks Welcome
Presented by YOU!!

Contact director2 (at) patacs.org
to arrange a presentation !!

Future Meeting Topics:

March 21st - Brian Belanger: Television in the 1920's

April 18th - Lorrin Garson: History of Computers, How We Got Here, Part 1

May 16th - Lorrin Garson: History of Computers, How We Got Here, Part 2

September 21st - Meryl Secrest: The Mysterious Affair at Olivetti

PC Troubleshooting

PATACS - Arlington,
Wednesday, Feb 26th, 7 PM
Meeting Location: Carlin Hall Community Center,
5711 S. 4th Street, Arlington, VA 22204

Technology & PC Help Desk:
Extended Q&A

Arlington Meeting Info & Maps       
Computer Mechanic

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