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Getting Started -

       Folks with computers can just click the meeting / webinar link sent by email for a Zoom session, and 'skinny app' software will be downloaded to your computer. SmartPhones and tablets will require downloads from their app store. But more control and a better experience will result from getting a Zoom account with the submission of your email address and a password. Then you can host your own meetings, and visit with family and friends. Presenters should follow the 'personal account' path. See our 'details' offerings below. (Date References - yymmdd)

      PATACS has been using Zoom to share our programs with remote members since 2013, and holds most of our Board of Directors' meetings with this technology.

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      Here are links to instructional videos, recommended by Dave Talaber, for those who prefer that approach to learning about new technology. He recommends subscribing to the presenters' YouTube channels and reviewing their other Zoom video productions.

  • Marcia Chadly / Creative Life Center - Video (200613)

  • Steve Dotto / Dotto Tech - Video (200613)

      Instructional videos, Tips and Tricks; Some shown at Jan 6, 2021 meeting: PDF file.

Detailed Discussions of Zoom Features and Instructions for Use

How To's, Cautions, Troubleshooting

Quick References

Detailed Discussions of Zoom Features and Instructions for Use

      We suggest you read the detailed discussions on these topics in this section, but there are also quick step by step references for various devices and computers in the table matrices farther down the page:

  • Details - John Krout: Why and How To Create a Free Zoom Account? (Updated 200521) - PDF file

  • Details - John Krout: Set Up Easy Access to the Zoom for Windows Application - PDF File

  • Details - Paul Howard: Suggestions for Using Zoom Effectively - Windows PDF File (200613)

  • Details - Mike Emery: Modifying Your Zoom Profile on the iPhone (New 200422) - PDF File

  • Details - John Krout: See and Change Your Zoom Screen Name for Windows PDF file (New 230215)

  • Details - John Krout: Use the Zoom App to Test Your Microphone, Earbuds, and WebCam - PDF File

  • Details - John Krout: Use Your SmartPhone as a Webcam (New 200412) - PDF File

  • Details - Bill Walsh: Improve Your Internet: Ethernet Non-Wireless (Updated 200331) -PDF file
         If you want good Zoom performance - don't use a wireless connection. READ THIS ARTICLE!!

  • Details - APCUG's Judy Taylour- Tips for Participating in a Zoom Meeting (Updated 200410) -PDF file

  • Details - John Krout: Zoom Teleconferencing Guide for Windows Presenters - PDF file

  • Details - John Krout: Create a Custom Virtual Background for Your Zoom Camera Image (New 200419) - PDF File

  • Details - John Krout: Make Custom Loop Videos for Zoom Virtual Backgrounds - PDF file

  • Details - John Krout: Green Screen for Zoom Virtual Backgrounds (New-200422) - PDF File

  • Details - John Krout: Using Canon Cameras as Web Cams (New 200709) - PDF File

  • Details - John Krout: Watch Zoom on an HD TV, part 1 (new 210605) PDF File

  • Details - John Krout: Watch Zoom on an HD TV, part 2 (new 210605) PDF File

How To's, General Cautions, Troubleshooting

Equipment suggestions are not endorsements by PATACS.
Members offer thoughts on gear they've used effectively; some remarks are noted from Tech trade press sources

      You'll have a better experience in meetings and webinars if you observe these tips: